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Directly from Cash 4 You Family Employees

While our products and services may be similar to that of our competitors, what differentiates us is our culture and our extreme customer obsession! We believe inspired employees translate to an exceptional customer experience. That’s why we’ve centered our entire company philosophy on delivering happiness to all of our customers.

(Pssst…aside from grammatical errors and typos, we publish our employees thoughts on our culture raw and unedited ;-)

Cash 4 You makes their employees feel like one big happy family. With an amazing training program an... Read More Jessica D., Employee since 2013
Cash 4 You makes their employees feel like one big happy family. With an amazing training program and one-on-one coaching, you never stop learning great knowledge and skills to utilize. We are recognized for our hard work and dedication to the Cash 4 You family. Fellow coworkers are always just a call away, willing to help with any situations you may find challenging. Change is welcomed to trend with the successful growth of the Cash 4 You family. We have the most powerful and unique teams who are eager to deliver results. Cash 4 You is preferred by customers, because of our one of a kind “Customer-Obsessed” attitude. We make them feel appreciated and understood because we take the time to do so. They can't wait to tell their friends and family about our amazing customer service.
What does Cash 4 You’s culture mean to me? A Canadian start-up company that is family owned and o... Read More Troy W., Employee since 2010
What does Cash 4 You’s culture mean to me? A Canadian start-up company that is family owned and operated. We watch out for each other, care and go above and beyond for each other because we believe in winning together. It has provided an abundance of opportunities in growth and development and ensures to challenge you daily. This is the first company I've known that will not only allow collaboration from the entire team but the open and honest communication is driven from ground up, all the way to the VP. If you have a problem, concern, question, anything - you have the opportunity to reach out to anyone in the company. The owner is never too busy. What other company cares that much about their team members? It is great to see a company that is so focused on the customer, the most important person. Our culture reminds us daily, that everything we do has to benefit the customer. Our Vision and mission is derived around the customer to ensure we stop at nothing to WOW them at every touch point. At Cash 4 You, you will be challenged daily to deliver the best and only the best. We are constantly evolving and changing to ensure we never become complacent. You need to take risks for the sake of change. What works today will not work tomorrow; our customers are evolving, so we need to as well. This also provides us as individuals with the opportunity to embrace change and consistently learn, UN-learn and re-learn again. I have never worked as hard as I have now, but it's rewarding, there is a feeling of accomplishment that is driven from the company as you can see the results echoing throughout. New store development going up at every corner, infrastructure being built within, new technology and process to help support the execution. The company cares and wants to provide us with the right tools to WOW our customers. Everything that this company & Amir Mahmoudzadeh stand for drives my passion to excel even further. I have passion and excitement that will never be taken away, and hold this company dear to my heart. I would never allow anything or anyone to jeopardize or come between the successes of this family. It's like a marriage; through thick and thin you are bonded together and will win together, you will die to protect the other and nobody will take that away.