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Directly from Cash 4 You Family Employees

While our products and services may be similar to that of our competitors, what differentiates us is our culture and our extreme customer obsession! We believe inspired employees translate to an exceptional customer experience. That’s why we’ve centered our entire company philosophy on delivering happiness to all of our customers.

(Pssst…aside from grammatical errors and typos, we publish our employees thoughts on our culture raw and unedited ;-)

Cash 4 You’s culture focuses on many different aspects that are essential for a business to be suc... Read More Aileen M., Employee since 2013
Cash 4 You’s culture focuses on many different aspects that are essential for a business to be successful and grow. The main focus is the consumer- to be able to satisfy the wants and needs of every client that steps foot in a branch. Exceeding what is normally expected will help keep and also gain more clients. By attentively listening to their needs and giving them more options, it will keep us in mind for future needs. Putting together a great team will also make a big difference. Knowing the existing customers and staff that are already in the branch will help with putting together an effective team. Conducting thorough training will result an informative, resourceful and effective customer service representative. Encouraging each employee to stretch their capabilities helps in every way possible, whether it's with the company or for their personal life. Having an open concept to voice out concerns and ideas gives it more of a family appeal than just a workplace. Recognizing effort, hard work and giving productive criticism are also a key for a successful team. To sum up Cash 4 You, I would say customer-focused and driven. Having worked for three different companies in the past, I can honestly say that Cash 4 You stands out. Starting with the stores itself, they make clients feel like they are at home due to the ambiance of the store setup. The decorative molding and the color of the walls don't seem cold and sets a mood. The employees are very approachable and not intimidating unlike the competitors. They are easy going and polite. Managers are very helpful and not snobby. Services are straightforward and easy. We have plenty of brochures for potential clients to take home and read. It's a company that has a lot to offer.
At Cash 4 You, our culture is a created environment with a unique personality and soul. It has a pas... Read More Renee B., Employee since 2014
At Cash 4 You, our culture is a created environment with a unique personality and soul. It has a passion for performance, empowering people to make the right decisions and do the right thing regardless of the position we hold in the company. Our culture inspires our employees to go the extra mile- to make and execute good decisions with the highest of integrity. Creating and maintaining such a culture is challenging, however we at Cash 4 You have proven it can be done. We have achieved this through our leadership. Our leaders themselves consistently model the behaviors and values which define us. They have achieved this through a combination of values, character, rituals and beliefs which have created a deep bond with employees, making our work deeply meaningful and rewarding. The people in our organization care passionately about winning and succeeding. We orient ourselves outward, focusing on customers and competitors, listening and responding to their wants and needs, rather than internal politics. We are empowered to think like owners and have a bias to action. We are rigorously tracking our progress daily, and as our culture grows and evolves, we ensure our performance stays high. Our Cash 4 You culture thrives on teamwork and is very open to change.