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Cash 4 You Installment Loans in Ontario

At Cash 4 You in Ontario, Canada, we are dedicated to getting Canadians everywhere the cash they need, when they need it most. We make it easy to get approved for personal installment loans quickly, getting you up to $15,000 in cash the same day you are approved. Simply apply for a personal loan online, and once you are approved, stop into one of our 100+ locations in Ontario to pick up your cash. It is really that simple! Visit Cash 4 You today or stop by one of our stores to apply for a loan, cash a cheque, get a money order, and so much more!

Why Choose Cash 4 You?

Learn a little bit about Cash 4 You, our services, our commitment to our customers, and how we can help you achieve your financial goals.

About Us

Cash 4 You is Canada’s trusted source for providing hard-working Canadians just like you with a range of financial solutions and money management options. Since 2001, our team of expert lenders have helped millions of people in Brampton, Hamilton, Kitchener, Ottawa, Toronto, and beyond with an array of personalized money solutions.As a reliable, licensed money lender, we specialize in online installment loans, instant payday loans and cheque cashing. Because we strive to be Canada’s one-stop-shop for money solutions, you can even send money virtually anywhere in the world through the Western Union network. Follow the links to learn more about these valuable services!

Our Commitment to Customer Care

In addition to the many lending and financial services we offer, we stand by our commitment to always provide exceptional customer service to each and every customer we serve. We want to make your entire loan approval experience fast, streamlined, and hassle-free, without sacrificing kind and compassionate customer care. Our lending team is here to help every customer, regardless of their credit history, background, or need for instant cash. We promise to uphold our values by providing friendly, knowledgeable customer service, without challenges or judgments. Because helping people is our priority, we will go above and beyond to help each of our customers in Ontario and Canada get the cash they need to reach their financial goals, so they live can their lives to the fullest.

Our Dedication to Convenience

We are devoted to providing convenience in all that we do. With more than 100 locations throughout Ontario, our stores are easily accessible. We offer convenient business hours so our customers can get the financial assistance they need at a time that works best for them. While you can apply for a loan in-person at one of our Cash 4 You stores, we offer cash loans online, allowing our customers to apply for loans at the touch of a button on computers, smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. Safety and security are essential to our online lending services. Therefore, all online loan applications, bill payments, and other services are protected by Norton™ and McAfee™ to ensure personal information, payments, money transfers, and transactions are safeguarded from cyber threats and internet compromises.

We’re a Top Rated Local® Business

As a Top Rated Local® licensed money lender in Canada, we are committed to executing excellence in all we do. In our 17-plus years as a number-one retailer of financial assistance, we have helped millions of hard working Canadians — with more than $1 billion in funding — achieve their financial goals, turning their dreams into realities. Being a Top Rated Local® installment loans provider means that we do what it takes to help you reach your goals by providing instant cash and other services to help you on your path to reaching your goals. Continue reading below to learn all about the installment loans we offer at Cash 4 You.

Cash 4 You Installment Loans

We are in the business of loaning Canadians the money they need to cover a variety of purchases and expenses. Along with our instant payday loans, we offer installment loans which offer a larger borrowing amount and have different repayment terms. While both loans provide you instant cash with fast and easy approval, read below to find out if an installment loan is the right choice for you.

What Are Installment Loans?

When you need a large sum of money to cover a big purchase, pay off a credit card, or cover recreational expenses, installment loans are the way to go. At Cash 4 You, you can apply for a long-term personal loan to borrow up to $15,000 to cover any type of personal expense, no questions asked. Installment loans are considered unsecured loans because they do not require you to put up any collateral to borrow the cash you need. You can repay your loan over time with repayment terms that work for you. We offer cash loans with bad credit or some credit history, making cash more accessible to a wider population when compared to getting approved for cash loans at banking institutions and credit unions. What’s more, getting approved for a personal installment loan is fast, easy, and hassle-free!

How Do I Get An Installment Loan?

Cash 4 You makes getting approved for installment loans simple, fast, and convenient. You can apply for a minimum of $1,000 and up to $15,000 in cash.

Simply visit Cash 4 You to apply for an installment loan online and visit one of our 100+ loan centers in Ontario, Canada, to complete the document verification process and finalize the application agreement and terms of the loan. After receiving verification and approval, you can pick up your instant cash loan the same day! We know your time is precious, which is why we are dedicated to giving you the cash you need as fast as possible so you can continue enjoying your day without having to wait on pins and needles to get approved.

Eligibility Requirements for a Cash 4 You Installment Loan

In order to be eligible for a personal loan, you must:

  • Be an Ontario resident with a valid government-issued photo ID
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a steady source of income
  • Have an open and active bank account

While we will need to verify bank statements and proof of income, you will not need to print these documents out to bring with you. At Cash 4 You, we understand that in the Digital Age, most people utilize online banking and direct deposit. As an added level of convenience for our customers, we provide in-store access and printer capabilities for customers to easily access the required documentation for loan eligibility and fast approval. Keep in mind that line of credit and credit card accounts are prohibited to use for both installment loans and payday loans.

What Can I Use My Installment Loan For?

You can use the up to $15,000 of instant cash from your installment loan to cover all sorts of personal expenses and payments. Unlike our quick payday loans that allow you to borrow a maximum amount of $1,500 to cover smaller expenses, installment loans are designed to fund higher dollar amounts, giving you the flexibility to pay for larger expenses. Below are some ways you might consider using the cash from your personal installment loan:

  • Fund a vacation
  • Pay off a high-interest credit card or credit card debt
  • Invest in home improvements
  • Buy an engagement ring or fund a wedding
  • Cover moving expenses
  • Pay a repair bill
  • Cover emergency surgery for your pet
  • Additional funding for a vehicle
  • And so much more!

How Do I Repay My Personal Loan?

At Cash 4 You, our dedication to convenience extends to our loan repayment options. Just as we want the loan application and approval process to be smooth and easy, we also want your repayment process to be relaxed and affordable. The great thing about installment loans is that they can be repaid over time, which is why these loans are considered long-term loans. Your lending professional will work with you to determine personalized repayment terms, allowing you to make regularly scheduled payments over time up to 60 months. You repayment terms will be determined by your loan amount. Making regular installment payments is the most efficient and affordable way to repay a personal loan, and can help build your credit in the process.

Why An Installment Loan Might Be A Great Option For You

Everyone could use cash to fund a big purchase or large expense. While we make our installment loans accessible and easy for everyone, we have structured our installment loans to help anyone who needs money. Therefore, our installment loans are particularly beneficial for those people with bad credit or little-to-no credit history. One of the greatest perks of a Cash 4 You installment loan is that making regular payments and paying off your loan amount within the determined timeframe, and according to the repayment terms of the loan, you can actually repair bad credit and build nonexisting credit. Basically, taking out a personal loan gives you the fast cash you want and need while also making a positive impact on your credit. Repaying your loan according to the terms of your loan can give you access to more loans in the future, allowing you to get and do the things you want so you can live your best life.

Who Benefits From A Installment Loan?

The truth is, everyone can use extra cash now and then. People from all walks of life can benefit from the advantages of taking out an installment loan with Cash 4 You, no matter their credit standing, career choice, age, or lifestyle. Whether they are self-employed, a hard-working single parent, or a grandparent, sometimes taking a loan out for $1,000 to $15,000 can make a real difference.

Do Your Lending Online

Applying for installment loans online is the most convenient way to get the money you desire. As Top Rated Local® online payday lenders in Ontario, Canada, our lending options give you quick and convenient access to a variety of cash loan amounts the same day you apply for a loan.

Online lending is really the only way to go in the Digital Age, and with the security safeguards we have in place, our customers won’t lose sleep worrying about having their personal information compromised. There’s no need to upload forms, just provide your information, authorize it, and we will add it to your online account. It’s as easy as that!

Apply for an Installment Loan Now

If you want to join the millions of happy customers who we have helped reach their financial goals, apply for an installment loan now and get instant cash today! If you have any questions about applying and getting approved for installment loans in Ontario, call our friendly customer care team at 1-888-997-2807, or follow this link to reach out to us online. You can always stop by one of our 100+store locations in Ontario, Canada, to apply for installment loans, payday loans, or make a Western Union money transfer, or cash a cheque. At Cash 4 You, we are here to help you get secure financial assistance!

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