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Common Questions

To earn rewards for referring friends to Cash 4 You, users must register for a Cash 4 account and sign up for the internal Referral Program to generate their unique invite links.
So long as the referred borrower correctly uses their friend’s unique invite link immediately before registration, the referrer will earn a reward automatically after the referred borrower’s first loan has been funded.
All individuals, regardless of whether they are current Cash 4 You borrowers, can sign up for a referral account to refer their friends to Cash 4 You.
If the referred applicant already has a Cash 4 You account or does not use their friend’s unique referral link when first creating their Cash 4 You account, their referring friend will not earn a referral
Referrers will never receive credit for referring themselves or for refinancing their existing Cash 4 You loan. Cash 4 You reserves the right to disqualify anyone from this program at any time. reward.
The Cash 4 You Referral Program only applies to Payday Loan and Installment Loans. All other types of Cash 4 You products are ineligible for the Referral Program.
Referral rewards come from Cash 4 You through Interac email transfer. You will receive notification about a payment after your referred friend’s loan has been funded and your referral reward is sent.

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