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When we opened the first Cash 4 You location in Ontario, we were determined to become one of the most reliable sources of loans and money solutions for Canadians everywhere. Since then, we’ve opened more than 100 Cash 4 You locations, so you can work with our money lenders in Ajax and Woodstock, and everywhere in between. While we offer convenient services like currency exchange, cheque cashing, and bill paying, we’re perhaps best known for our loans and money lending services.

Why Choose Cash 4 You?

When it comes to money lending, you’ve no doubt got a fair variety of choices and options. What separates Cash 4 You from these other lenders? Lots! To start, we’re a recognized as a fully licensed lender by the Canadian Consumer Finance Association, meaning we carry out fair practices at fair prices.

With nearly 20 years of experience, our money lenders know how to help you make an informed lending decision that will benefit you the most. We’re committed to finding you a loan option that is appropriate for you and your financial needs. Perhaps most importantly, the money lenders at Cash 4 You are friendly and experienced and pride themselves on creating a welcoming and informative atmosphere in every one of our locations.

Learn More About A Leading Cash Lender In Ontario

More than just a money lender, Cash 4 You is your one-stop shop for all of your money management solutions. We’re proud to offer our clients services like money orders from Western Union, the ability to transfer money all over the country or even all over the world, and even the opportunity to pay your bills through our money lenders. Of course, we’ve earned a reputation for being the fastest way to secure a loan of up to $15,000 in Canada too!

We Prioritize Convenience

If you’re like every other Canadian, you keep busy between your work and home life, and everything in between. It can be hard to find time to make it to the grocery store, let alone sit down with a banker and negotiate a loan. That’s why we work with extended store hours every day of the week. Whether you work first shift or last, you’ll be able to visit any of our locations and quickly and easily apply for a loan.

Do you feel like you’re always on the clock? No problem. Cash 4 You also has online services that let you apply for and receive your loan electronically. You can do all of your financial planning through the convenience of our website!

Putting Our Customers First

We know that dealing with money in any amount can be a very stressful experience, but it shouldn’t have to be. We only work with money lenders who are upbeat, patient, and knowledgeable. They’re more than happy to take as much or as little time as you need to ensure that you fully understand the terms and conditions of your loan, and to make sure you use it in a responsible and effective manner. Our commitment to our customers is probably why we’re so highly reviewed!

A Top Rated Local® Business In Ontario

At Cash 4 You, you’re treated to a fast, friendly, and affordable money lending experience. We’ve helped millions of hard-working Canadians secure more than $1 billion in funding. With more than 600 positive reviews, and more rolling in daily, we’re excited to be recognized as a Top Rated Local® Installment & Payday Loan provider to cities and towns across Ontario. Whatever the state of your finances or credit history, Cash 4 You is here to help you secure a personal loan.

Understanding Your Loan Options

If you’re in need of cash fast, one of the best ways to get it is through a loan from Cash 4 You. At each one of our money lending locations, we offer a variety of loan options. They only take a few minutes to apply for and you can walk out of one of our stores with cash in hand the same day as you apply.

Personal Loans

A personal loan is commonly referred to as unsecured debt. Unlike other loans, a personal loan is not backed by any collateral. That means that when you take a loan from Cash 4 You, you don’t have to stake your car or home on your ability to repay the loan. While many lenders rely on a credit check to determine how much money they are capable of lending you, Cash 4 You understands that not everyone has a great credit score, or even any credit to speak of. That’s why we look at your financial situation in a holistic manner, allowing us to offer you a loan despite your credit score.

Our personal loans offer you a lump sum of cash that you can then pay back throughout a period of time.

Personal loans are a smarter way of getting cash than going into credit card debt because the rates are far lower, and the payment schedule is often more forgiving.

At Cash 4 You, we’re ready to offer you a personal loan of up to $15,000. All it takes is a quick application, a review of the terms, rates, and conditions of the loan, and then you can walk out of any one of our stores in Ontario with your cash.

Installment Loans

Have a major purchase coming up? Looking to pay off a debt to your credit card company? Trying to cover some recreational expenses during a long vacation? We’ve got you covered with an installment loan from Cash 4 You! Our long-term installment loans can be had for any amount up to $15,000. After taking a loan, you’re given sixty months to repay the loan. An installment loan is one of the easiest ways to secure a large some of money quickly, even if you have a poor credit score.

Short Term Loans

Unlike an installment loan, which is paid off over a set amount of time, a short term loan is paid off all at once, or after just a few repayment periods. Short term loans are the perfect solution for any unexpected bills or financial concerns. So if your car breaks down unexpectedly, if your computer dies, or if your landlord needs the rent early, you don’t have to feel any more stressed than you already are.

At Cash 4 You, you can secure a short term loan of up to $1,500 instantly. There’s no need for a bank account, and it can all be done online.

How Do You Apply For A Personal Loan?

We pride ourselves on making the lending process simple and convenient. Getting approved for a personal loan from Cash 4 You is as simple as visiting any of our 100+ locations in Ontario, completing the document verification process, and then finalizing your application agreement and terms of the loan. After you’ve received verification that your application has gone through and it has been approved, you can pick up your cash loan right away!

Nearly anyone can apply for, and receive, a loan from Cash 4 You. In order to be eligible for a personal loan, you must:

  • Be an Ontario resident with a valid government-issued photo ID
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a steady source of income
  • Have an open and active bank account

We’ll quickly verify your banking information once you provide it to us. You don’t even need to have your financial paperwork, like banking information, with you, as you can print out all of these things in-store.

We understand that your time is precious and that you might not have the time to manage all of this in-store. That’s why we offer online banking and direct deposit, making it even easier for you to receive your loan the same day you apply for it. There’s no need to be concerned about the security of your financial information when you bank with us online. We take online security very seriously. We utilize a leading 256-bit SSL data encryption software to ensure that your financial information stays safe. Thanks to our cyber security services from Norton™ and McAfee™, you can rest assured that your online loan applications, bill payments, and money transfers are protected. Your personal information and transaction history will never be compromised by outside threats and intruders.

What Can I Use My Personal Loan For?

A personal loan from Cash 4 You can be used for anything and everything. We offer up to $15,000 instantly. That sum of money can go a long way when used carefully.

Cash 4 You customers have used their personal loans for things like:

  • Fund a vacation
  • Pay off a high-interest credit card or credit card debt
  • Invest in home improvements
  • Buy an engagement ring or fund a wedding
  • Cover moving expenses
  • Pay a repair bill
  • Cover emergency surgery for your pet
  • Additional funding for a vehicle
  • And so much more!

The fact is, this money is for you to use as you see fit. The point of the loan is to give you the financial flexibility to achieve goals and dreams that you might not be able to otherwise. Thanks to our generous payment schedules, you can enjoy everything that a personal loan grants you now, while slowly paying it back over time so you never feel pressured into cutting corners to pay off your loan.

Why A Personal Loan Might Be A Great Option For You

Really, anyone can benefit from the financial flexibility that a $15,000 loan can provide them, no matter their credit standing, career choice, age, or lifestyle. A personal loan is great for anyone who needs financial assistance, or a quick money solution, and that has poor, or no credit. Because we do not require any collateral, you don’t have to risk any of your belongings or your home in order to take out a loan.

Get A Personal Loan From Cash 4 You In Ontario Now!

There’s no need to feel intimidated by the lending process when you can work with the friendly and professional money lenders at Cash 4 You! With more than 100 locations across Ontario, you can quickly and easily apply for, and receive a personal loan of up to $15,000. If you have any questions about applying and getting approved for installment loans in Ontario, call our friendly customer care team at 1-888-997-2807, or follow this link to reach out to us online. Get the financial assistance you need and get it quick with Cash 4 You!

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