Fund These 4 Essential Home Improvements With An Installment Loan

It happened again. You started your washing machine before heading to work and came home during your lunch break to find a giant puddle covering the floors in your laundry room and nearby kitchen. Only this time, the leak from your 20-year-old washer has caused pretty substantial water damage to your flooring. The beautiful laminate flooring you installed a few years ago is now a soggy mess and the laminate floorboards are now warped beyond repair. This was the leak you’ve been dreading.

With spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning all those springtime home improvement projects you’ve been putting off. Whether you have a sudden need for a home improvement project, or you have been daydreaming about the day you can finally update those hideous 1980s melamine cabinets with oak trim in your kitchen, an installment loan of up to $15,000 with Cash 4 You can fund your upgrade. When you’re searching for “money lenders near me,” choose the Top Rated National® loan experts that can get you the money you need instantly with a personal loan that simply makes sense.

Ways to Use Your Installment Loan for Spring Home Maintenance

Check out these helpful hints for springtime home improvement musts.

Replace Outdated Home Appliances

After you run the dishwasher, do you go to put your dishes away only to find that chunks of food still cling to the plates? Does your washing machine spring a leak each time you wash a load of laundry? Does your dryer make a loud banging sound signaling that it may have fallen off its track?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time to bite the bullet and update your outdated, inefficient appliances — and an installment loan can help! Appliances have come a long way in the last decade. They are being built to be more efficient, more eco-friendly, more cost-effective, and designed to last longer than ever before. Upgrading your appliances can not only improve efficiency, but you’ll likely save money on your utility bill each month,

Install New Windows

We’re lucky enough to have all four seasons here in Ontario, which means you’ll need protective windows that can keep the cold air on those chilly days out, and keep the cool temperatures in on those warmer days. When you have leaky windows, warm summer air can sneak in while letting the cooler conditioned air seep out. Conversely, drafty windows can make a cold day outside just as chilly inside your home. Either way, not only is your comfort reduced, but you’re spending more money to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Use your installment loan to replace drafty windows with an efficient window system that protects the interior of your home from all the elements.

Install New Plumbing Fixtures

Whether your plumbing fixtures look ugly and outdated, or they are prone to leaks, upgrading your plumbing is always a great way to maintain the aesthetic and function of your home. Additionally, you can save money on your monthly utility bill by installing more efficient, eco-friendly plumbing features. This is especially important if you plan to sell your home. Installing new pipes and plumbing fixtures that are energy-efficient adds value to your home and are highly enticing for potential buyers. What’s more, plumbing upgrades can help prevent future problems from occurring.

A personal loan of up to $15,000 can fund several plumbing upgrades to help you live comfortably and enjoy a potential return on your investment!

Update Your Flooring and Countertops

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking over freshly-laid carpet or new laminate flooring. Additionally, installing new flooring can add a touch of newness and elegance to your home that reflects your unique style. In addition to new flooring, replacing or resurfacing your countertops is a great way to get rid of outdated styles and colors that hinder your home’s aesthetic.

One of the best places to start is in the kitchen. The kitchen is essentially the heart of the home where we gather to cook, eat, hang out, and laugh together. Investing in new kitchen flooring and countertop upgrades will give you a beautiful place to congregate with your family and friends, while also increasing the value of your home, should you decide to sell down the road.

Fund this smart home improvement with an installment loan and enjoy relaxed repayment terms that fit your budget and lifestyle.

Get Approved for an Installment Loan

When you want to update your home with new appliances, new floors, new cabinets, or make those necessary springtime repairs, we have the perfect loan option to help you fund all your home improvements. All you need to do is visit Cash 4 You and apply for an installment loan in an amount up to $15,000. There are no hoops to jump through, and with our relaxed credit requirements, we can approve your loan instantly. Once you’re approved, you can stop by a Cash 4 You in Ontario nearest you to complete the loan and get your cash in hand. You can even start your home improvements that very same day!

Visit Cash 4 You today and start taking care of all those home improvements that can help you live more comfortably in a safer, well-maintained home! Find a Cash 4 You store nearest you today!

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