Fund These Fun Fall Festivities with an Installment Loan

The air is crisp and cool and the leaves are changing, which means summer has finally come to an end. But it doesn’t mean the fun has to stop just because of the cooler temperatures. In fact, for many, the fun is just beginning! Whether you are planning a fall getaway, or you want to hit all the local fall festivities that Ontario is known for, we have some ideas to share with you to help you plan your fun. One thing to consider as you plan your fall adventures is how you will pay for them. If you don’t have a big lump sum of money saved up, it might be hard to fund all the things you want to do to celebrate this amazing season — and you don’t want to miss out, right? We have just the solution for you.

What Are Installment Loans with Cash 4 You?

Before we start exploring all the fun ways to spend your weekends this fall, let’s look at how an installment loan can help you cover all of your travel expenses and so much more. 

Get the Money You Need When You Need It Most

So, you may be wondering, “What is an installment loan, and is it the right loan for me?” Let us explain. Along with payday loans, Cash 4 You offers installment loans, which are unsecured personal loans that require zero collateral to get the money you need. Typically, installment loans are ideal for covering larger purchases, such as vacations, home improvements, and weddings. This type of loan is also perfect for paying off high-interest credit cards or purchasing a new or used vehicle. 

The Ins and Outs of Installment Loans

With this type of loan, you can borrow any amount ranging from $1,000 to $15,000. Once you determine how much money you wish to borrow, getting approved for the money you need is extremely easy. You can visit Cash 4 You online to apply, or you can stop by a store near you. We have more than 100 locations that are conveniently located all across Ontario. Our experienced and friendly money lenders are happy to assist you with your loan application when you drop in to see us. If you choose to apply online, the process is super quick and easy. 

Once you submit your loan application with all of the requirements we need to process your loan, we can approve you in minutes, and you can pick up your cash on the same day you’re approved. 

What You Need to Apply for a Cash 4 You Loan

One of the reasons why we’re Ontario’s favorite money lender is because applying for a loan — and getting approved for a loan — is incredibly easy and stress-free. While some lending institutions make you jump through a million flaming hoops to apply and get approved for a loan, we simplify things to make the entire process simple, straightforward, and hassle-free. 

Here’s what you need to apply for your loan:

  • Be an Ontario resident
  • Have a valid, government-issued photo ID 
  • Be at least 18-years-of-age
  • Have an open, active bank account

That’s it! Better yet, we look at more than just your credit standing, which means we are happy to work with people of all credit situations. What’s more, because of our relaxed credit requirements, you don’t even need to have someone cosign on your loan, even if you have less-than-awesome credit. There are no application fees, either! 

Repaying Your Loan

It’s called an “installment loan” because you repay the loan amount in affordable monthly increments over time. Depending on your loan amount, you can take up to 60 months to repay your loan. Your interest rates are set during your approval so, as long as you’re making your regularly scheduled payments on time and in the full amount, your rates will never go up. Not only that, but we also believe in transparency so you will never pay hidden fees or accrue unexpected charges. You can even pay off your loan early without being charged prepayment penalties.

Now that you know just how easy it is to take out an installment loan, you can take your fall festivities to the next level. 

Fund these Five Fall Adventures with Your Loan

So, you have the money you need to go anywhere you want this fall. Sure, you can travel outside of Ontario, but truth be told, Ontario hosts some of the best fall activities, festivals, and is home to some of the most stunning landscapes that are absolutely breathtaking during fall. Here are some trips you should absolutely include in your plans for a fall getaway.

Enjoy Mother Nature

Leaf-peeping is one of our favorite fall pastimes here in Ontario, and with all the places you can go to witness the splendor of changing leaves, it can be hard to choose just one (again, just one more reason why an installment loan will come in handy)! One way to decide where to go to see the leaves change is to use this handy fall leaf colour tool brought to you by Ontario Parks. Late September into early October will be your best bet for leaf-peeping. From Algonquin Park to Muskoka, now is the best time to take a road trip to one of these stunning destinations to hit the trails, go on a chilly camping trip, get some fresh air, and completely immerse yourself in an autumnal forest for a week or a weekend. 

Trek Through Ontario’s History

Many of the parks and unique hidden locations in Ontario hold some of the province’s most important historical treasures. As you’re making plans to visit such places as 1000 Islands of Ontario, Kakabeka Falls, Manitoulin Island, and Niagara Falls, be sure to check out local museums, public lands centers, and cultural centers to learn more about Ontario’s vast and dynamic history. In Manitoulin, for instance, you can enjoy authentic First Nations experiences such as trying your hand at traditional crafts, cooking, and drumming, take art tours, and go on insightful nature hikes to see all the beauty of this spectacular landscape during fall. 

Try Something Adventurous

If you want to try something adventurous that may be slightly out of the ordinary from your usual getaways, head to places like Long Point Provincial Park or the Bruce Peninsula. Both places have rejuvenating and restorative characteristics, which makes them the perfect post-summer destination. Long Point Provincial Park is home to a beautiful beach with a massive sandpit and a unique and diverse landscape. Because of these landscape features, it is recognized as one of UNESCO’s World Biosphere Reserves. From stunning natural preserves to the UNESCO World Biospheres in the Bruce Peninsula to the orchid fields at Tobermory, you will have more than enough to captivate your eyes and your camera lens for the perfect fall photograph opportunities.

Visit a Cranberry Festival

Bala is one of the most incredible places to visit during fall. Located in Muskoka Lakes, Bala is the home to pristine falls that are hugged by a vast canopy of forests. Not only that, but Bala also hosts the annual Bala Cranberry Festival where you and your family can enjoy delicious food and drinks, live entertainment, arts and crafts, tours of the cranberry marshes, and shopping in the bazaar. This event runs from late September through late October, so you can spend an entire week basking in cranberry everything, or make it a quick and relaxing weekend getaway. 

Release Your Inner Wild Side

If you’d rather unleash your wild side, there are a ton of super fun fall festivals in Ontario that you simply must attend. It is October, and for beer lovers and hops enthusiasts, Oktoberfest is a must for the travel docket. The best part is, you don’t have to travel very far to enjoy an authentic Oktoberfest. Perhaps one of Ontario’s most famous fall festivals is the Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest. This is a must-experience Bavarian festival complete with floats, performers, traditional music and dance, tasty treats, and German beer that flows like water. There are plenty of places to stay nearby so you can make an entire week or a weekend out of it.

Fuel Your Fall Fun!

Regardless of where you choose to go for your fall getaway, Cash 4 You is happy to help get you there. When you’re ready to book your autumn adventure and you need the cash to cover it, stop by a Cash 4 You store near you in Ontario, or get instantly approved for an installment loan online right now. Our goal is to fuel your bank account so you can live life to its fullest. Connect with our money lenders today to explore your options. Discover for yourself why we are recognized as a Top Rated Local® money lender, who has been helping hardworking Canadians just like you get the money they need since 2001.

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