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Cambridge, ON February 05, 2001-

We opened our doors for business with the aim of providing customers fast and friendly service and immediate access to Cash. Exactly one year after, the second location was born in Guelph, ON – 100% Growth in a single year (YAYYY!)

Our framework for growth is quite simple, at least we like to think so!

While many companies have values, they are often lofty and end up taking up wall space. This is where Cash 4 You is different! Our core values drive our passion and uncompromising dedication to treat every customer, every Cash 4 You employee, every partner – even our competitors – with the highest level of integrity.

While our products and services may be similar to that of our competitors, what differentiates us is our culture and our extreme customer obsession! From our humble beginnings to now, we give thanks and remember every team member along the way that helped pave our futures success.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are the most important set of principles set of principles that help to guide the way we run our business. We use these nine core values as the basis for all our activities, such as building business strategies or defining project objectives, evaluating performance and building new programs for team members.

What's happening?

It’s never an ordinary day at Cash 4 You. There’s always something going on! Whether it’s Customer Appreciation Week, celebrating milestones, birthdays, holidays, or just because, it’s never a dull moment here!

Tour our Corporate Office

Our corporate team moved into our new home in Cambridge in June, 2014. We completely transformed the space into a comfortable place we can all call home.

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